Hauptstadt: Aşgabat
Bevölkerung: 5,942,000
Offizielle Sprache: Turkmenisch
Fläche: 491,210 km2

Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia that borders to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iran and the Caspian Sea.

The modern capital Ashgabat, with its white marble buildings is even mentioned in the Guinness book of records. Also, the Caspian Sea resort Awaza has many high-rise hotels, sport facilities and attractions such as the highest sea water fountain in the world. In the east and north of the country there are many famous archeological sites such as Merv, a major oasis-city in Central Asia, on the historical Silk Route. Human settlements on the site of Merv existed already in the 3rd millennium BC.

Besides, Turkmenistan has the 4th biggest natural gas reserves in the world, big oil reserves and is an important exporter of its white gold: cotton. It’s also known for its hand-made carpets, Ahal Teke horses and Alabai dogs, which are national symbols.

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